Pastor Felipe Gutierrez

Pastor Felipe Gutierrez

Youth & Worship Pastor


951 . 289 . 0177

Hi, my name is Felipe and I really love serving Jesus. It’s the most exciting and fun thing.


I also love hanging out with my wife, eating with loved ones, traveling, and eating candy and ice cream.


I was born in Chile and my parents and sister migrated to the states when I was 8.


I’m the result of two Godly parents who shaped me to be a servant of Christ. My parents made a great team as pastor (dad) and teacher/music director (mom).


I’ve been involved in ministry all my life but I’ve been leading in it for about 15 years.


My passion in ministry is youth and worship and so I’m grateful to be doing exactly that in Laguna Niguel SDA Church.


I pray that Jesus would shine in us as individuals and as a community.