Pastor Robert Streib - LNSDA Senior Pastor

Pastor Robert Streib

Senior Pastor


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I am a friend of Jesus who God inexplicably called to become a pastor. I began full-time pastoral ministry in 1976 and have been a pastor mostly in California, Oklahoma, and Maryland/Washington DC areas. I have worked as a church planter, literature evangelist, evangelist, and senior pastor. I have traveled to 21 countries doing mission and ministry work. One of my great loves is traveling to Israel and the Middle East. I have been to Israel 22 times organizing, leading, and guiding trips to the Holy Land. CLICK HERE


My college work was at Pacific Union College, graduating from La Sierra University with degrees in theology and social work. My graduate work was done at Loma Linda University, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Andrews Seminary.


God has blessed me with three adult children Stephen, David, and Sally along with three little ones who I’m proud to be called grandpa by. My greatest love is for the Word of God and my friend Jesus. I believe that I have the greatest job in the world! I have been truly blessed!


My hobbies include reading, gardening, amateur archaeology, furniture refinishing, rose horticulture, nature study, and a cat that loves to call my lap “home”. I am profoundly grateful to be a Seventh-day Adventist Christian and in-service for my friend Jesus!


Pastor Bob

For an exciting spiritual trip of a lifetime join Pastor Streib for his next trip to the Holy lands.  A trip to the land of the Bible will enhance, change, and add to nearly every story of the Bible you cherish. These are not tourist trips but spiritual experiences that change lives!


Pastor Streib has been traveling to the holy land sinc 1985. The March 2014 trip will be his 22nd visit to Israel. Each trip is unique; they have also included extensions to Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, and Italy at different times. Pastor Streib brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as he organizes each trip to be as complete as possible. He will limit groups to 35 people or less. Each trip is shopped individually for the best possible prices.


There are no extra ministry fees added. Trips included many, many more sites and experiences then other holy land tours. Prices include round-trip fares from LAX to Israel along with other costs including hotel, meals, guide, entrance fees, and visa. Included below is a typical itinerary of a trip to Israel in 2014. Not included is an extension to Jordan, including Petra, which is considered one of the seven wonders of the world founded by Esau, Mountain Nebo Madaba, Macrenous, Herods palace where Joohn the Baptist died, Wadi Mussa Springs where Moises struck the rock for water for the Israelites, and much more.


Guides, hotels (four stars), tour companies, and itinerary are selected by Pastor Streib to ensure your best holy land experience! Pastor Streib, on every trip, takes other pastors, evangelist, and conferences workers from all over North America to help expand their ministries. Also on each trip there are returning travelers from previous Streib trips that want to go back to the holy land the once again.


For more information please contact:

Pastor Streib at 949-855- 8201



Come join us as we encounter God in the land of Jesus birth. Walking where He walked and experiencing the places of the Bible.


Trips can be individually planned for groups, conferences, age group appropriate, and interests.