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-  First Service - 9:00AM

-  Sabbath School (Bible Classes) - 10:30AM

-  Second Service - 11:30AM

Address -  29702 Kensington Dr. Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

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Phone -  949 . 495 . 0311

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The Laguna Niguel Seventh-day Adventist Church seeks to abide in Christ as revealed in the Bible.

We value every person as a priceless child of God. We commit by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit

to reveal God’s love, grace, and truth, inviting all to accept the accomplished fact of eternal life.



…have come to a house of prayer that is blind to color, nationality and religious affiliation; we recognize only the oneness of the great family of God.


….you may be here for the first time; we welcome you with open arms and warm hearts.


…you may be a regular member; we thank you for your faithfulness.


…you may have come, after a hard week, to feel the comfort of the Lord’s love; we pray that the Holy Spirit will draw you into the warmth of His presence.


…you may be carrying a heavy burden; we pray that the Lord will assure you of His special care for you.


…you may be looking for a church home; we would be happy to welcome you into our fellowship.


…you are the reason we exist; without you, there would be no Laguna Niguel.



…believe in Christ, our High Priest in the Heavenly Sanctuary, whose death on Calvary assures us of salvation and of lives renewed by His grace.


…experience a close relationship with our Lord by living in a way that honors Him:

emotionally, physically, morally and spiritually.


…worship the Lord publicly on the seventh-day Sabbath, the day set aside at creation as a sign of the bond between God and His people.


…share the message of Christ’s redeeming grace in a worldwide ministry, fulfilling the biblical command:  “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”


…recognize the message and constant controversy between our Heavenly Father and Satan that has shaped all of this earth’s history.


…sense our need for Christ in the midst of this great conflict between good and evil.


…know that Bible prophecy and Christ’s victory on Calvary assures us that our Savior and all those who remain faithful will triumph over evil.


…pray for the presence, in filling and control of the Holy Spirit in our personal lives and worship services.


…await the soon return of our Redeemer, who will restore the fellowship of man with God, granting eternal life to the faithful, both living and dead.


…celebrate our salvation through the free, unmerited, bountiful grace of our Lord.




There are several Biblical spiritual principles that are guiding way marks on our spiritual journey as a church. Laguna Niguel pastors, elders, and leaders believe these guidelines to be directive to all that we do and hope to accomplish in God’s church in our local community.


1. Our mission statement:    “The Laguna Niguel Seventh-day Adventist Church seeks to abide in Christ as revealed in the Bible. We value every person as a priceless child of God. We commit by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit to reveal God’s love, grace, and truth, inviting all to accept the accomplished fact of eternal life.”


You will notice our emphasis on abiding in Christ, Biblical direction, individual value, and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. God’s love, grace, truth, and our unique Adventist focus, as well as assurance.


2. Our motto: “To know Jesus and make Him known.” This is our inward and outward goal.


3. A “grace orientation “while maintaining Seventh-day Adventists unique message and values. This guides all our services, decision-making, and nurture and outreach. One of our favorite sayings is “an opportunity for grace.”


4. Honesty, transparency and prayer inspired, are all hallmarks of all that we hope to accomplish for God.


5. We realize that this is God’s church, His family and we are first and foremost about building His kingdom and not our own private kingdoms.


6. Active faith, growing faith experiences, and opportunities are key to all our ministries.


7. Prayer and prayer covering is essential to all we do here at Laguna Niguel. We strive to first seek His will before our own will in our church activities and ministries.


8. The ministry of God the Holy Spirit is foundational to every activity of the growing Christian and the church. We seek the leadership of the Holy Spirit in our lives concerning the indwelling life of Christ, understanding truth, fruit of the Holy Spirit, gifts of the Holy Spirit, comfort and direction. This is essential in all we do and believe.


9. We seek to create a climate of warmth, affirmation, joy, passion, and encouragement in our public services and church environment. Individually we believe that Jesus did not come to condemn but rather to save (John 3:17). We try to follow His example.


10. We believe in equipping and empowering members for Spirit led opportunities for ministry. As the Holy Spirit leads we endeavor to help members of the church body to find their places of ministry calling for God’s kingdom.


11. The Bible is God breathed. It carries with it the very Presence and Power of God! In all our teachings, seminars, worship services, and meetings. We give God’s word first place as our authority to direct all our comings and goings forth.


12. Small group ministries are a growing, dynamic part of our church family. These small groups scattered through our church families. People meet together weekly for individual prayer, Bible study, social connections, and ministry encouragement.


13. Our worship services at 9 AM and at 11:30 AM each Sabbath are specifically designed to be somewhat eclectic. They include several types of musical genres, elements of high church and contemporary liturgical worship. Our membership is extremely multicultural from over 60 countries of birth. Each brings with them their own unique experiences and diverse types of worship. We see this as a wonderful strength God has given our church family.


14. Spiritual leadership and opportunity is given regardless of gender, financial means, ethnic background, age, or disability. Every person we believe is a priceless child of God. We believe in the sanctity of all human life as God’s gift to the “body of Christ”.


15. Unity of the Spirit is highly valued at Laguna Niguel. We strive to maintain a bond of unity among our leadership, church boards, and committees. We believe the Holy Spirit always works best in unity and practice the council of Jesus in (Matthew 5:23-24) and (Matthew 18:15-20) to maintain unity in the church family in dealing with offense.


16. The Christian home and each individual family is essential. God wants our homes to be each a little piece of heaven on earth. Seminars, Sabbath schools, social, and other church ministries are focused upon the spiritual health of our homes.


17. Christian education is a very high value at Laguna Niguel. Our Laguna Niguel Junior Academy grades kindergarten through 10th grade is a major mission of the Laguna Niguel church.  Nearly 1/3 of the local church budget is focused on the mission of the school. We also foster several scholarship opportunities. This is so that no child is denied a Christian education for financial reasons. Please see our (LNJA link) for more school information.


18. Our Hispanic fellowship meets every Sabbath and on Wednesday evenings in our multipurpose room. This is a growing active ministry group catering to our Spanish-speaking members and friends. Our Laguna Niguel church family includes many Spanish-speaking members from various countries. Our desire is to reach out to major ethnic groups in our area.


19. Outreach evangelism in its many forms is the Biblical mandate we seek to follow at Laguna Niguel. Annual reaping Revelation seminars have been ongoing for several years. These are led by our elders and pastors. Training in individual Bible studies is ongoing for several members with evangelistic gifts. Plans are underway to employ a Bible worker to help train and follow-up on area interests. Outreach evangelism is a growing emphasis at Laguna Niguel church.


20. One goal of the Laguna Niguel church is to provide adequate facilities for the various ministries of our church. This especially includes our ministry to children. As a result we began our current building program in the fall of 1997. Phase I was completed in 2009 and phase II our Sabbath school/ ministry building we hope to complete in 2014 (see link for pictures of our building process as and our current financial challenges).